Entrepreneurs List

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This is every entrepreneurs list that should not be overlooked. If you are an entrepreneur you need to follow a certain plan so you don’t just end up as, what I call, an entrepreneur wannabe. The main thing here is Work Your Butt Off! But we will come back to that. If you want to be an entrepreneur or you think you already are then this post will either open your eyes a bit or maybe let you know you are already doing the right thing to be successful.

Here is your entrepreneur list:

1. Write down your goals – What are you going to be doing tomorrow? The next day? What are you going to be doing that is going to make you more successful? Are you going to be at the bar? If so, I don’t think you are going to be accomplishing much but a hangover. Are you going to be at home reading? At the library learning? If so, you are on the right track. There are not too many people that I know of, that became successful in a bar. They may became professional drunks, but they really did not do anything with their life did they? Writing down your goals will help you become successful. Some of us only have one goal and that is to retire at an early age. But is that really going to help you do anything? Probably not. Break your end goal down into baby goals. Such as what are you going to do to help you retire at a young age? Read a book every month, start a business, continue learning. NEVER STOP!

2. Learn something new every day – If you are not learning something new every day you are not being an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are constantly learning. Your time is limited, you can never get any of your time back. So make sure you do not waste it. Pick up a book, download ebooks, watch YouTube videos. Turn the Simpsons off for once and turn it to the Discovery channel or the History channel, for those who must watch TV. Keep on learning because knowledge is power and with power you can do whatever you wish.

3. Take action – I hate when people think that they are taking action when they are really not. When people ask me how do I take action when I do not know what to do. Well you just told me the action you need to take. It’s obvious you need to become more educated so pick up a darn book and get to learning. Then I hear well I hate reading. Then you hate being successful I will tell them. Success doesn’t just happen you have to make it happen. And if you just throw quarters into a wishing well you are not making anything happen just wasting a bunch of time.

4. Stop faking and start doing – Back at taking action. Stop reading a half of a page and read the entire book. Stop building half of a business and then giving up. Stop faking action. Quit being an entrepreneur for 6 months out of the year and become one full time. You are wasting time when you fake action. Once you learn this you will be unstoppable. Follow this entrepreneurs list and you will soon be successful.