Business Ideas With Low Investment

We all have to start somewhere and with little money how can we do this? Below are some great business ideas with low investment.

Blogging for a living – Successful bloggers can make thousands a month, and most of them start with little to NO up front money. Blogging is free if you use article directories / blog networks such as: Squidoo, Ezine, Hubpages, Blogger, etc. If you are an expert in an area than share it with the world. Build a community of readers, and continue to share your expertise with them. Offer them products such as affiliate products, or your own products. Write an eBook on the subject you’re an expert in. But the key is to “Keep On Writing” you may still get new visitors from the search engines for awhile until they find your blog stale then your traffic will start to decrease. But you may also lose your current readers. Why read something you have read several times already? If you keep writing they will continue to come back to your blog to learn more. You will build a relationship with your readers and it will be easier to sell to them. People are more likely to buy from someone they know rather than someone they just met. So build your relationship by providing them with value.

Internet Software – Do you have a website idea? Something that will provide value to the world? Something that will make people’s lives easier? Then build it! Building a website can be done right from your computer and almost all programming languages are free and there are 1000′s of tutorials to help you get started. You will have to pay approx. $100 dollars a year for hosting and approx. $10 a year for a domain. But a software website is definitely one of the best Business Ideas With Low Investment. However, due to the steep learning curve of programming language it will require a large investment of your time. But if you are dedicated in creating something, and you stick with it, you will soon be very valuable not only to yourself but to others as well. Good programmers can cost an upwards of $20,000 or more for ONE website. Pick up a book on programming read, read some more, and learn.

Do freelancing jobs – Now I just said jobs, because although it may seem like a business it is not. Freelancing jobs can be found on Elance and other freelancing websites. But these types of tasks should only be temporarily done until you have enough money to invest into a larger business. But Elance is loaded with 1000′s jobs for people who are in need of some money. This is free for freelancers but the sites do take a percentage of what you make off of each job. So again, this should be temporary until you can afford to do more.

These business ideas with low investment above should actually all be temporary, unless you decide to learn programming and actually build your businesses yourself. This being said, there is no reason why you could not make a decent amount of money with these types of businesses but you virtually have no control and will really be using up a lot of your time that could be used toward something more controllable. The true definition of a business is something that you can leave for 6 months with confidence that it will be running just as good or better when you return. With the types of business ideas with low investment mentioned above you will actually find that without you they will most likely fail.

This should be your business plan if you are on a budget.

1. Start small such as a blog and build a community of people and then move into monetizing.

2. Once you have started making a little bit of money start re-investing that money toward something you will have more control, is scalable, and will take less of your time.

3. Work on that business non-stop! Keep working on it until it is either a complete failure or a major success.

Follow these simple steps in creating a business with low investment and you will eventually be able to make larger investments towards more businesses.