Creative Business Names

These are some unique techniques that you can use to come up with some creative business names.

The number one question we all have when starting a business. What should we call it? What are some¬†creative business names?¬†Whether it be a brick and mortar business or an online business. How do we name something? It needs to be catchy. It needs to be short and easy to remember. Almost everything you can think of is already registered so we also have to be clever. So this is the best way to come up with a good business name. First write down as many key terms that best describe your business. If your business is about “Wedding Photography” then you need to write down as many terms as you can think of within that industry. For example: weddings, photos, photography, bride, groom, family, friends, etc. These are just a few examples but this is the exact process you should consider when choosing a creative business name.

Next take those key terms related in your business and open up the thesaurus. Start finding words that mean the same thing but are completely different words and then see if they can be used in your business. Or, just simply use the terms you have already written down without even touching a thesaurus. Example given – take “wedding” and “photos” swap them around and create the business name “photowed”. This is just one example of the hundreds you can easily come up with. You can give yourself an easy to remember name by using this simple technique.

How do you check if a name is available or not? This is something we may ask ourselves when choosing a creative business name. This is easy if we are trying to find a name for an online business. But it can be quite difficult if looking for a name for a traditional brick and mortar business. If you are looking for a creative business name for an online business start typing in your clever business names into a domain service like godaddy.com. It will tell you if a name is available or not. More times than not, we need to make sure that we choose the dotCOM domain for our business, as this has more authority over .org or .net. But if you must choose something other than .com then be sure you only select either .net or .org. Other domain extensions will often never show in the search engines because they have no authority what so ever and they are not world wide domains.

If you are deciding on a creative business name for a traditional brick and mortar business than the principles pretty much stay the same. Only this time instead of searching for names already taken in a domain service such as godaddy, we would most likely do a search in an online phone book such as yellowpages.com to see if the name we have chosen is already taken or not. But do not over look the domain services. Because later on down the road you may want to have a website built for your brick and mortar business to increase sales. So my suggestion when choosing a creative business name for a traditional brick and mortar business is to check both the yellow pages and a domain service. Doing this will help you out tremendously and set your business aside from the rest.

Everyone wants a creative business name for their business. But this is not what will really make your business thrive. If you think that a name is going to help or hurt your business you are sadly mistaking. A name is just a name. When someone tells you they have a million dollar name, don’t listen to them. Think of it like this if I were to tell you 15 years ago to call your business Google you would wonder what the heck I was smoking that day. But now, Google is known everywhere and people are naming their businesses after them left and right. That is because Google is a brand name. If you build a brand out of your name you will have greater results. What do we think of when we think of an apple? Fruit, healthy for you, has nothing to do with computers right? Well what do we think of when we think of Apple Computers? Still the term “apple” has nothing to do with computers. But when we think of apple we think of reliability, solid products, never get viruses, safe. This is because that name is a brand name, and not just a name.

Follow theses steps and you will have creative business name.