Email Marketing Gratis

What is email marketing?

This is an email marketing gratis for people and companies trying to earn more from their website / products.

With most transactions, you sell something once and that’s it. Thank you, take their money and they’ll be on their way. However, this is sometimes inefficient.

What if you could stay in contact with that customer for a longer period of time and keep them updated on the things that might interest them? This way, you could engage existing customers that already have a relationship with you.

Just think about it, why spend more money on new customers when you have to convince them to buy from you anyways? Why not just try to sell new products to customers that you’ve already convinced to purchase something from you?

As you can imagine, the willingness for customers to continue a relationship is much higher than the willingness for customers to create a new relationship.

The real power of email marketing is when it is used in conjunction or as a supplement to an already successful product line that you would like to extend. You’ve already got a back list of existing customers that liked you product, so why not introduce them to your next? You don’t have to pay a lot of money to get ahold of them.

So, while some people use email marketing as their primary tool of marketing, don’t forget that you can collect email addresses from people who purchase your actual product and upsell to them in the future!


Email marketing is a stable form of marketing that allows a connection between the potential customer and yourself for an extended period of time. In fact, you may have signed up to receive newsletters on a particular subject that interests you and didn’t even realize you signed up to an advertisers email list. Have you ever seen a form like shown below?

By offering something free on a topic you’re interested in the advertiser gets something in return, your email address.  This allows the advertiser to communicate with you over and over, or until you unsubscribe to the mailing list. You could very likely be a subscriber to many email marketing campaigns.

With email marketing you are able to invest one time, either your time through article marketing and SEO or money through PPC, and potentially connect with that person over and over again. If the above mailing list form was yours and someone was to sign up, everyone wins. You would get your email and possibly a lifetime customer and the person that signed up would get their 100 weight loss tips.

The Flow of Email Marketing

The flow of email marketing is quite simple. There are several steps all listed in full detail below.
Set up your campaign

Finding an auto responder:

Email service providers (ESPs), also known as auto responders, are required due to anti-spam laws. From Wikipdia: an Auto responder is a computer program that automatically answers email sent to it.

They can be very simple or complex. Autoresponders are often used as e-mail marketing tools, to immediately provide information to their prospective customers and then follow-up with them at preset time intervals.  ESPs take professionalism to a new level by incorporating the following into their emails for consumer preference:

    1. unsubscribe links


    1. privacy statements


    1. physical address


    1. sending from verified email addresses
Getting Started

Listed below in our email marketing gratis are some trusted auto responders but you may find your own if you wish by doing a search in Google “auto responder reviews

An auto responder will list the subscription and un-subscription requests, and will send emails to your list. It allows you to load a set of emails, and you can send the emails out at the dates you specify. There are many auto responders that you can use such as:

    • www.aweber.com is more common than other auto responder tools Aweber has been perfecting their business for over 8 years now and has some of the best service around. The price is about 20 dollars a month but they do offer a free trial


    • www.mailchimp.com has a forever free plan where you can store up to 500 subscribers and send up 3,000 emails per month. This would be a good start for people who are just getting started then you may upgrade at a later date, once you start getting some cash flow.


    • www.getresponse.com offers unlimited autoresponders, with follow-ups. You are able to send unlimited messages along with lists. You can get this for around 18 dollars a month and broadcast email marketing campaigns with over 150+HTML templates.

There are tutorials on the auto responders websites that are highly recommended that you read/watch. These tutorials will show you step by step on how to:

    • Create your messages


    • How many days apart the messages will be sent


    • Attaching files


    • Tracking clicks

Setting up your campaign


Sending emails…

Automated emails should not be abused. A lot of marketers make the mistake of sending out too many emails which will make the subscriber think of them as spam and unsubscribe. But you can also make the mistake of not sending enough.

If this is the case then the subscriber may forget about the products you are promoting which can also cause you to lose a contact.

The most effective way to figure out a good number of emails to send a month is to test. Success is right around failures corner. Pick a number and start by sending that amount of emails a month. For instance: Let’s say we choose to send 10 emails a month, if we get some sales but more unsubscribers try lowering the number to say 5 or 6 and vice versa.

Although you don’t want to lose your contacts because you are also losing that relationship. You can, however, always rebuild your lists.

Things to test for when sending emails:

    • Conversions


    • Changing the subject


    • Email lengths


    • Bonuses vs. non-bonuses

What to write…

When writing your follow up message you want to think of it as getting a new friend. When you first meet someone you don’t try to sell them anything right? Because no one would see you as a friend.

They would think of you as a sales person and ignore you as much as possible. You want to start by showing some character in your follow-up messages maybe throw in a little humor. If you don’t have any character then you’re probably not going to make it very far with email marketing.

Broadcasting your emails…

Broadcast emails are different than follow-ups. Typically a broadcast email will be an email that is sent out only once. These types of emails are used to send out important information or send out a promotion. These types of emails can also be utilized to connect with their subscribers and let them know they exist.

Writing your broadcasted emails…

When you write your broadcast message you can simply promote a new product, or give out tips and free information to continue to build you relationship. You can offer bonuses, packages, holiday deals etc.

Tip: There’s no doubt that some emails convert better than others. By taking notes and knowing which ones have higher conversions allows you to create the ultimate follow-up sequence.

Crawl before you walk, offer value before products…

Remember to never rush. Before you make someone on your mailing list your friend you must get associated with them. Earn their trust and this will require giving them free information. That’s ok though, because we are slowly working towards offering them a product.

As stated above you most likely do not try to sell your friends something everyday otherwise you would not be a friend, you would be a salesperson. But if you were to build a relationship with someone, give them your expertise, and then recommend a product to them they are likely to buy because they trust you.

If you spam there is no doubt you are going lose contacts. Never use sales pitches instead offer value by educating them.

Come up with clever ways to write your messages. Some marketers, who have trouble writing, will write a letter to one of their friends and act like they are recommending them something or giving them advice and then change it around to make it look like they are writing to their mailing list.

The turning point, recommending a product…

Now that we have built a relationship with our new aquaintance it’s time to turn them into a friend and possibly a lifetime customer. How do we do this? By giving them comforting offers like the ones below:

    • I will give you live instant messaging chat if you buy this guide through me.


    • I will pay you back the full amount of this guide if you are not satisfied.


    • Send me an email if you have any questions I will be glad to answer any of them.

Offers like these build a great amount of trust and should always be practiced. At this point you have built a trust relationship that could last for a lifetime. From here you can send them a guide and they will download it, you could recommend them a product and they buy it.

All of this because you have earned their trust. To them you are their best friend, and they are a lifetime customer. Building a relationship like this takes not only time but honesty.

Building your list…

Building a list of emails requires two things:

    1. Setting up a landing page


    1. Driving traffic

Setting up your landing page

When you set up a landing page you want to make sure you educate your subscribers before you try to get them to subscribe. In this email marketing gratis we teach you to get used to making your subscribers highly interested in your material.

You want them to be interested in what they will be receiving otherwise they will most likely unsubscribe to your mailing list.

Although you want try to be targeted to a specific niche, the benifit of email marketing is after you have built your relationship with your customer you can offer various niche products within an industry and see which one converts best and continue offering product related niches.

This gives you the opportunity to sell many different niche products within an industry and sometimes even selling products that are irrelevant to the niche. (Note: Remember to try and stay targeted to the mailing list niche they signed up for)

When building your landing page that’s sole purpose is to build your mailing list there are several things that should still never be overlooked.

    • Headline


    • Offer

Over and over we talk about how the average internet user will spend 3-4 seconds on a page before determining whether or not he or she will stay. So first things first… Your headline… If the people visiting your site are not excited to be there they will leave. So you want to be relevant, try to include the exact keywords of the original search and last be creative.

You want to entice the visitor to keep reading and a good headline will do this.

Your offer is also very important. This could be a guide, a newsletter, or even a set of videos. The main purpose is to make your offer enticing.

Getting visitors to fill out the Opt-in form…

This is the reason you built the landing page. So you can get people to fill this form out. Without this form your site is useless. Where you put this form on the site is not a big deal as long as it is there and it can be seen.

We have given you several very trusted, good reputable auto responders listed above. If you would like to use a different one, that’s fine too. The whole point of this form however, is to get people on your mailing list. You need to let the visitor know you your intentions.

“Sign up to our mailing list to get 100 free ways to lose weight FAST!!!”

Driving traffic using PPC…

Driving traffic comes with a price. There may be a fee that comes from your wallet if you use PPC. But always there is the fee of your valuable time. We have entire sections dedicated to teaching you how to drive traffic to you websites.

Read them and learn all the principles within before you continue any further with email marketing.

A very important aspect to email marketing is getting targeted keyword phrases. Keyword relevance has a major impact on opt-in conversions when doing PPC. The easiest way to do a keyword research is to start broad and continue breaking it down into smaller more targeted niches. Let’s walk through this next example together.

Go to: https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordTool/External

Starting broad in the dog training industry we see that there is a big group of people with dogs. This shows us that there is a potential for massive earnings in this industry.

Now we are going to break it down further and try to get a more targeted audience using the keyword phrase “dog training”

This is a much more targeted phrase, but clear as day we see a couple different niches that get a great amount of traffic. These niches are:

    • German shepherd dog training


    • Puppy dog training

With these two niches we can add just one word to the end and build our keyword list such as:

    • Course


    • eBook


    • Classes


    • Class


    • School


    • Teacher

If you have a budget then PPC should definitely be an option you consider. The key to applying email marketing to PPC is to bid on very specific two-word and three-word phrases. This will not only make your traffic more targeted but will also allow a cheaper CPC.

There is a whole section dedicated to keyword research and PPC we suggest you, not only read but learn the material.

Writing Articles to drive traffic…

The process of writing article and submitting them to article directories requires a lot of research and a lot of time. More time than it takes to set up a PPC campaign. This is because you are relying on Google’s natural search listings to find your article. But you should never just sit around and wait for one article to get listed before you move onto the next.


More Articles + More Article Directories = More Traffic and More Cash Flow

When you submit your articles to these directories you should have links pointing to your landing page with the Opt-in offer on it.

Tip: When writing articles they should all be different even if it is on the same niche/same product. Search engines do not like duplicate content therefore a good rule of thumb is do not plagiarize work, whether it is someone else’s or your own.

We hope this email marketing gratis was helpful to you, thanks for reading.