Entrepreneurship Ideas

Get A list of entrepreneurship ideas below to help you on your journey to financial freedom.

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Being an entrepreneur is great! But coming up with ideas for businesses can be hard. There is so much competition these days and this makes it hard for us entrepreneurs. We have to set ourselves aside from the 1,000′s of wanna be’s and people who think being an entrepreneur is about starting a business and then trying to let it run itself without putting in any initial effort.

How Do We Set Ourselves Aside From Other Entrepreneurs?

The biggest mistake every entrepreneur makes is the mistake of giving up. No matter what you do you have to stick with it. Do you want to be an inventor? Then be one. Do you want to build online businesses? Then start building them, and once you have ONE up, work on it until it is actually making money and not costing you money. If it is costing you money Then get rid of it. Do you want a traditional “brick and mortar” business? Then, if it is something you truly believe in, BUILD IT! Do whatever it takes to get your business started, and once it is started keep building onto your business until you can leave it for 6 months with confidence that it will be doing just as good or better when you return.

Invent Digital Products That Create Value To Others – Let’s start with digital… Have you ever wanted to do something automatically on your computer? Something that takes up so much of your time and you know there should be a faster way? Well right there is an entrepreneurship idea. Automate that time consuming task. Make it faster, and easier. Ask yourself… Would other people use this software? If you answered yes then ask… Why would they use this? How will it benefit them?

Invent Physical Products That Create Value To Others – Is there something that you already use that annoys you? Think of other inventions that are out there. The ones that you seen on TV and thought “That’s a million dollar idea! Why didn’t I think of that?” Well you probably already did but you didn’t write it down. Make sure you write every idea down. For instance, when I worked on cars I had difficulty removing a part off of a car. So what did I do? I created a tool that made it easier. You can apply this to anything. Anything that makes you mad, takes too much time, or is to hard to do. Make it simple! If you can do make something complex into something simple you have created a great product.

Create a SAAS Websites – SAAS (Software As A Service) are websites that charge a monthly fee to their subscribers and provide their customers with basically a digital product. This goes back to digital products a bit. If you can make a task online or even offline easier, then turn it into a SAAS. Example sites would be sites that automatically check your rankings in Google, Web Hosting SItes, Marketing Software, etc.

Let’s face it most of us are not interested in learning a programming language, spending months perfecting your skill and eventually getting it out to the world via internet. Programming has a steep learning curve and although should not be overlooked, it is not necessary for anyone wanting to create an online business. Websites like Elance offer affordable contractors from all of the world. They will do quality work and you don’t have to pay them until you get your site up and running.

4 Entrepreneurship Ideas That Will Keep You Busy

Be a software inventor – Write down 20 things that take to much time to do on a computer. If you can’t think of anything, then go find something

Invent a physical product – Write down 20 things that could make everyone’s lives easier, or more comfortable. Think of inventions that are already out there. How can they be improved? Where is that particular invention weak?

Create a website – Are you an expert in a particular area? Know a lot about computers, sewing, or craftsmanship? Create a website and give your information to the world. If you create a website that is valuable then the money will find a way. Do not worry about the money and focus strictly on the value you are providing people.

Create a SAAS Website – Charge a monthly fee for a task online that you made simpler. Remember, we are not all programmers so you can easily contract this work out to someone through Elance.