Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla Marketing what is it?

Guerilla Marketing is a way to get listed in search engines using the ranking power of well-known websites.

Before we get started you are going to need to sign up to at least one of the many article directories that are listed below. This way you can go through and learn with experience as we teach. (Squidoo is recommended for beginners and we will be using Squidoo to walk you through.)

Squidoo is the most popular among all of these sources. Once you have signed up too Squidoo and learned the basics it is highly recommended that you sign up to every one of these article directories.

Creating articles consist of writing, writing, doing some research, writing, getting links from relevant websites to your articles, and finally some more writing. This is a free technique but often times can be more time consuming than anything.

With this method it may take a couple of weeks or even months to get listed under any search engine. Article marketing uses SEO and the popularity of well-known sites. The best part about this method is you can be very successful with just this method. Do you like to write? Then your ahead of the game.

When starting guerilla marketing you want to practice finding at least 20 niches a week. This sounds like a lot but really it is not. Think of 20 industries… Then search them online…

Read through forums on these industries, blogs, whatever it takes. Just find out what people are looking for within these industries. Let’s take the diet industry for example:

We searched it and found 5 niches in a total of 15 seconds… These are all niches found within the diet industry within 15 seconds. The niches are bolded…

  1. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how I can lose 10 lbs in a month for a wedding dress I want to fit into.
  2. How can I get a very defined 6 pack? I have been eating healthy but still can’t get one for some reason.
  3. Help! I just had a child and I cannot lose my pregnancy fat.
  4. How can I lose weight without sacrificing muscle mass?
  5. How can I lose weight just by eating healthy?

These are actual niches that were literally found in the diet industry in 15 seconds. It took more time to type them then it did to find them. This was an example and now we want you to see how these niches were put together.

  1. Lose 10lbs in a month so you can fit into that wedding dress.
  2. Eating healthy isn’t all that needed find out how to get great looking abs.
  3. Lose that unwanted pregnancy fat fast.
  4. Don’t sacrifice muscle mass, lose weight and still look great.
  5. Great recipes to help you lose weight just by eating healthy.

Now you’re probably thinking is “ok, so you’re going to help 5 people.” No, no, no. Have you ever had a problem and tried finding an answer online only to find that 1000 other people have the same exact problem?

Or maybe your neighbor had the same problem? Either way it’s like finding an ant in your house. If there is one, there is probably a thousand more. The same thing applies to finding a problem. If one person has this problem there are thousands more with the same issue.

When you create articles you want to make your article very informative. If it is a subject you know a lot about then offer your wisdom. Your goal is to get the person that is reading your article to trust you by giving them free relevant information then offering a relevant product within. Below are some articles that earns the trust of people and offers a product.

  • http://www.squidoo.com/how-to-get-great-abs-fast
  • http://www.squidoo.com/dog-training-schools
  • http://www.squidoo.com/maverickcoaching-cellphonecash

So how do you get your article on the front page of search engines?

The main aspect of getting found on search engines is to have low competitive keywords, ususaly under 5000 for best results. Guerilla marketing in a way is like SEO, if you are good at SEO theres a great chance you will be good at guerilla marketing.

Getting listed in search engines takes a lot less time than with SEO because you are using the popularity of the article directory. But you still have to mix in some SEO with guerilla marketing. Some things that compare with SEO are:

How many relevant links are pointing to your article from other popular websites?

Best described from www.seochat.com Keyword density is: a combination of the number of times a keyword or a keyword phrase, in proportion with other words, appears on a web page.

The more times the keyword appears in relation to the total number of on page words, the greater the overall keyword density. The more times that other words appear, the lower the proportion of keywords, resulting in a lighter keyword density.

Your keyword density should be 1-2% if it is higher than this search engines may see your article as being spam.

How do you find an audience?

Writing is one of the greatest forms of marketing on the internet. People are always reading articles for the content that is within them. You should always strive to be correct with your grammar but it’s not  as important as some may think.

If you can earn the trust from people  you will most likely be able to sell them something. When writing you want to write as if you were talking to your friend. Tell your friend what you think he/she should try, give them your personal thoughts, and be honest. If your friend has any trust in you what so ever, he/she is probably going to try whatever it is you told them to try.

Same goes for if you tell them not to try something, they probably will forget about trying that product.

So how do you find these people to earn their trust?

First we need to understand the meaning of a niche. This can be described in two different ways. A niche  is simply a group of people with a problem searching for an answer, or distinct segment of a market as described by dictionary.com. Let’s search for a niche within an industry together. Let’s take electronics for instance.

Electronics – too broad this of an industry. But within this industry there are tons of items/ niches within.

Televisions – this is within electronics it is broken down but seriously how many televisions can you think of?

Flat screen televisions – we are getting closer here but keep going because there are still a lot of flat screens out there

Panasonic flat screen television – this is pretty good but you may want to break it down again. Panasonic doesn’t make just one flat screen television do they? Let’s break it down one more time.

Panasonic VIERA S1 Series TC-P65S1 65-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV… – WOW! Do you think if someone were to type this into a search engine that they would be ready to buy this exact television? Congratulations we have found our niche within electronics.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to find a niche is by doing a search in, you guessed it, good ole Google. You want your search to look like the following.

(industry)/(niche) + forum

This is the most effective way to find current information on what people are looking for within that industry and more about what they want to know more about that niche.

With this information you will be able to provide in great detail information about these industries/niches therefore making it much easier to write your articles. Some great places to go to find a ton of niches within industries are

  • Google groups – http://groups.google.com/?pli=1
  • Yahoo groups – http://groups.yahoo.com/

You can also find niches using the following tools following:

  • Google keyword tool
  • www.wordtracker.com
  • www.alexa.com

So by now you have hopefully searched and search and found at least 20 niches… So who is your audience do you know? Did you do your research thoroughly enough to understand exactly…

What is the audience looking for? Are they looking for a way to lose 10lbs in a month? Or do they want to know how to lose 100lbs in 1 1/2 years?

Who is your audience? Is your audience in the weight loss industry, or are they in the make money industry. You need to know this!

Where can they get what they are looking for? Hopefully they can get it at your site…RIGHT?

Why do they need this particular product? You need to answer this. If they are in the diet industry they need to lose weight for many reasons.

  • To look good
  • To be healthy
  • To feel good
  • To be more attractive

These are all reasons why they need to lose weight and you have to be the one to answer these questions for them. More importantly you are connecting to their emotions.

How can the product your promoting benefit them? It’s going to benefit them because if they buy the product you are promoting then all they have to do is follow the instructions. You are going to give them the secrets to losing weight.

You are going to tell them how they can be more healthy, how they can look and feel great, how losing weight will make them more attractive. You are going to let them know that the secrets to all their problems are within this book. But remember to gain their trust. Offer them some free information.

With a little research you can find almost anything online about anything. Take what you have found about losing weight and in your own words tell people a little about losing weight. People are information seekers. If you can give them some information then they will give you their trust and with their trust in you they are likely to buy your product.

There are websites that have thousands upon thousands of niches at the tip of your fingertips that you are free to explore at anytime.

Keyword research is it worth it?

Before you can begin writing your articles you must find out. Are the keywords you are using going to bring you in traffic? Is there too much competition? You need to understand that you are not trying to get keywords that you think are associated with your product.

You are looking for keywords that your potential customers will associate with your product or service.

You should never optimize for a single word. Optimizing keywords this way and trying to make money is nearly impossible. You always want to optimize phrases or known as long-tailed-keywords.

For example you would never be able to sell anything if you were optimizing for the keyword automobiles. Someone who would type this in may be looking for pictures of automobiles, or information on automobiles.

But if you were to optimize for the keyword phrase 2009 chevorlett 2500 pickup front bumpers, and had a product or affiliate program that supported this phrase, you would likely be able to make a sale.

Keywords can be found using many different methods, there are paid keyword tools that you are more than welcome to buy but they may not be as beneficial as the free keyword tool Google and other search engines offer.

So before you go out and buy a keyword tool don’t be too hesitant to play around with the free tools first.

So you have found your niche but where do you find a product?


As shown in earlier chapters products can be found from all over. You can almost guarantee an affiliate program for any website that sells products, whether they are digital, instant downloads, or tangible goods. Affiliate marketing is huge! If you ever clicked through to another site and found yourself making a purchase, you likely bought through an affiliate. Below are some of the best affiliate programs on the web that you can use to your benefit and profit up to 75% on some.

The affiliate programs listed above are just the beginning. You can find an affiliate program for practically anything by doing a search in Google.

  • (product)+ affiliate program
  • (niche)+affiliate program

Just be sure when you are writing your article that you are supporting this product.

Writing articles…

Before you start writing your articles you want to determine your keyword phrase. All article need to be written in the following order.

Find your audience – What do they want? How are you going to give it to them?

Find your product/ niche – Supply the demand! There are many affiliate programs out there. We have listed plenty above. Find what your audience is looking for, for them and then give it to them.

Determine your keywords – Your almost ready to write… Focus on a keyword phrase. This will help your article get found on search engines. A great way to see how much competition a keyword phrases has is to do a search in Google. Take your keyword phrase you have chosen and put it in quotations like shown below.

For ex: In the diet industry there is a great eBook on losing weight called the “Fat Burning Furnace.” So by typing in Google using quotations…

“Lose weight with fat burning furnace” there are only 2,820 at this time of writing this section. This is a pretty strong niche and you could easily get ranked with this keyword phrase. The idea is to be under 5000 search results with your keyword phrase.

Now you are ready to write your article…

When writing the number one rule is to start with a strong headline. Remember the average person will be on a site for approximately 3-4 seconds before he or she decides to stay. So do you want an opening headline to look like ex A or B.

  • Here are some ways to lose weight.
  • Over 100 Ways To Lose That Unwanted Weight Fast And Easy Just By Eating The Right Foods! Keep Reading Only If You Are Serious About Losing Weight!

Which article would you want to read about losing weight? A, sounds kind of boring doesn’t it? B, on the other hand, really sticks out and makes the person who is reading it excited.

They only wanted to learn 50 ways and you’re getting ready to show them 100. There is also a great call to action phrase that really challenges the person to read the entire article. “Keep Reading Only If You Are Serious About Losing Weight!”

Well almost anyone searching for ways to lose weight is serious about it wouldn’t you think? Practicing, and researching other headings from various websites will really help everything when it comes to writing a good article.

Tip: You want to try and make your clickable links to have your keyword phrase in them. This will help your article rank.

You want to try to at least have 4-5 paragraphs when writing. No more than this because you may begin to bore you reader thus, losing a customer. Writing 4-5 may seem like a bit much but with practice writing this much will be a cake walk. Each of the following should always be included in your articles whether you are writing 10 sentences or 5 paragraphs.

What is the product you are promoting (paragraph 1)

  • State a problem and tell your readers what you are going to reveal

What are some of the benefits of the product (paragraph 2)

  • State a tip or any specific technique and the reason it is effective, this is a great way to earn their trust.

How will this product help them (paragraph 3)

  • Give them your opinion what you think what you know

List your personal experience with the product if you have one (paragraph 4)

  • (Optional) Have you used this ? If so tell them what you thought if not then you can probably leave this paragraph out.

How you can get the product, hopefully through your article (paragraph 5)

  • This will be your conclusion. Tell your reader what they will gain if or after using the tips or technique.

Be sure to include pictures in every article. If not 3 at least 2. Remember there are  a lot of people that will click away from your article just because they hate to read.

Make an offer…

There are a lot of affiliate programs that will give you free tools or eBooks to give away just to try and help the sale go through. We are more likely to buy something if we think we are going to get something for free. There are great ways to make quick and easy free books to give away.

If you can find informative articles related to products you are trying to sell it is perfectly legal to copy that article and put it into an eBook form. You can do that as long as you put a source at the end of the book. You cannot sell this however, that it is illegal but giving away and sourcing it is a great way to give something away for free and possibly helping the sale go through.

Things to avoid in an guerilla marketing…

  • Irrelevant headlines
  • Very few “call to action” links
  • Very few relevant images
  • Long paragraphs without breaks, links, or images
  • Color schemes that clash such as:
    • White on black
    • Red on blue
    • Dark text on dark backround
    •  Font larger than size 12 unless it is a link. You want your links to stick out!